Thursday, September 16, 2010

Election 2010: Good bye Mr Fielding

The results have come in and Mr Fielding from Family First hasn't made the cut and will be leaving the senate in July next year.

I'm opposed to any religous party. It seems like they would just like us to become a theocracy. I'm much more impressed by Christians who want to influence major parties by joining them and spreading their 'salt' within.

Like Christianity in Australia I think the time of 'Christian' parties are in decline. Who knows what other religious groups will pop up though?

I don't think Family First will be able to make the transition away from 'Christian label', unless it can get its funds from others that aren't wealthy Christians. Thus in the long run I don't think Family First will be viable. Family First may pop up occasionally but I doubt they will have the balance of power like Fielding had.
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