Friday, August 20, 2010

Election 2010:: Flinders a no brainer

If you are a swinging voter then I think Labor party has made the choice easiser for you to choose in Flinders. Especially if you believe that the candidate should represent you.

Its very hard for me to vote in the house of 'representatives' someone who puts their address down as in 'Southbank' 
Poor Francis, the Labor Party bunny.

Anyway I think Greg Hunt deserves to win in Flinders, he's worked hard, made connections in local community groups. Answered my emails. He's worked hard.

Thank goodness their is a Senate though.
Their is no way I feel comfortable with Tony Abbott. One of the most conservative politicians in the parliament. I don't mind moderate left or right, but Tony is way over on the right. I've watch this prodigy of Howard's for a long time. He's got the potential to be Australia's answer to George W Bush.

The Greens are the only way in the Senate to 'Keep the bastards honest', to flog an old Democrat's saying.

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