Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The what do we do now question?

A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith

The Last question in Brian McLaren's book 'A New Kind of Christianity' is most importantly is "What do we do now?"

This is in many ways the most important question even if you agree with only one of the previous questions. There is then a mandate for you to change.

A few things which had me in agreement or pondering::

Keeping the balance between action and contemplation/reflection, in our life. (Ch 20)

What to do if you agree with 'A new type of Christianity', but your Church is not in this place? Some really good hints here. I like the way he gives good hints at sticking it out. (Ch 21)

Point 5, I particulary like about helping churches change.

::"Get an outside consultant":: Unfortuantely my time in the Vineyard in Australia all consultancy/mentoring was done 'in house', I think you really loose something no going outside the denomination.
::Look at 'parachurch' for an option in a denomination. I never even thought of this. Although I would think that Forge was probably in this bracket until it left Churches of Christ.
::When new people enter a Church embrace what the diversity in what they have to offer from their denomination. They most probably on want to share the things that are positive. Makes scene.

So that's "A New Kind of Christianity' all read and dusted. Would I recommend it to anyone. Nope. Its a book for people who struggles with any of these questions. But if you have it all down pat and happy with the way the world works you will probably on find this book frustrating.

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