Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spiritual Awakening

Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction

I've finished with reading 'Adrian Mole and the weapons of Mass destruction'. He is a funny very English fellow.

The end of the book was significant. It was a 'Born Again' or if you like 'Spiritual awakening', for 'Moley.'

I suppose there are certain things that need to happen with this type of experience. An acknowledgement that you don't always get things right. A repentance and a turning away from the old ways. For 'Moley' this was a couple of things. There where no wepons of 'Mass destruction'. His fincances where a debarckel and he needed to change this.

The other aspect is there has to be a higher power or person, to assist in the turning, the process of repentance. For Moley it was Mr Carlton-Hayes. In the book Mr Carlton-Hayes can do no wrong. In the end Moley actually confides all his problems to him. In listening, taking Moley seriously, he helps Moley navigate a way forward out of his mess of a life style.

In life I think there can be many of these life changing moments. I'd call them supernatural in that God interacts in the moment. For me I've had 2 or 3. The first would have to be 'Alter Call', but there have been more and certainly not as proscribed.

I've also seen it happen for people on deaths door. The last days of life, when previously there was anxiety and worry. Then a turn around and peace. An acceptance of things to come. Strangely when you find this there is a job satisfaction. I would also point out that it was rarely to do with a 'organised religious' experience.