Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nazis and homosexuality.

 Himmler: Reichs Fuhrer-SS

After reading Himmler by Peter Padfield, it got me thinking about the issue of homosexuality.

The cause of homosexuality is usually explained down to two factors. environmental or genetic.

Coming from a Evangelical-Pentecostal background I've come to the conclusion that for the Church it is easier to explain the issue as environmental.  This means that in the end it is really about ability to choose sexuality. The reason I write that it is easier, is that the theology dosn't need to be examined and changed as much if it was genetic.

What I found interesting was for the Nazis there core understanding that homosexuality was genetic. That if homsexuals where killed and there genes where eliminated from the gene pool homosexuality would be eliminated from the German race and there would be 'racial purity'.
In many ways this was used as an excuse to kill opposition to Hitler and his regime. As well as to kill those who where different.

This is a completely different understanding to the 'Church'.

Personally I think there is a combination of the two, environmental and genetic. What ever the case the Church needs to re-think its theology. Especially if it is genetic and God has made man.