Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Julie Question?

In many ways you can't help but feel sorry for Kevin Rudd, as he goes to his party room for support today.

He is like a bloke who can't hold his beer and only drank because it looked cool, and he really has no mates to help him out.
It seems apparent Rudd really never got the hang of been PM, he really has stuck to the same autocratic way of leading the whole way through. Has been seen as back-flipping, not implementing his election policies on lots of issues. (I think he did do some good stuff, its just not the public perception.) He just looked awkward.
Now when things are getting tough, his mojo in the polls are disappearing. There are no labor factions to help him and to watch his back. I always thought that it would be difficult for him without an alignment with the factions.

I think what ever happens this is terminal for Rudd. He will be in paralysis in the job watching his back. ineffective.

Maybe terminal for Labor in the elections.

Julie I think has got it. That's my pick.