Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Jesus Question

A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith

The next lot of Chapters from McLaren center on the idea of who Jesus was and why he was importatnt.
I was pretty interested in what I thought this Chapter would be about. The questions which I thought would whirl around was the historical Jesus.
Alas it was not to be. Rather more of an aplogetic based around Mclaren's "loyal critics". Although not naming them you can use the google god you can find out. 
It was fairly interesting way to get his idea's of what Jesus looks like as compared to his Critics. It was fairly main stream stuff. A Jesus who is into social justice, the environment, a Jesus who is in the midst of changing the 'Here and Now'.
I was interested in the whole idea of the 'Here and now' of Jesus ministry especially as it is a different angle on Vineyard theology and practice. But overall disappointed a lot of it was based around 'Loyal critics'.