Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tony Abbott

Yesterday in my brief summary of how I saw politics at the present I gave Tony Abbott this for a round up::
Tony Abbott:: Poo Poo man. Poo poo this, poo poo that. That's all I can hear. I never anything positive. Its all a government conspiracy. The reason why: We are the opposition.
 To be fair I thought it needed some greater explanation. For me as a voter, and one who does swing between parties at election I find it very hard to evaluate him on his current performance.

When all you get from an opposition is a negative response, it is very hard to know which policy the government has which has genuine merit. Whatever government in power, they put out a small or a large amount of bad policy but I don't believe all of it is bad policy.

The opposition if good, needs to be able to see government legislation which is good and then review it and make it better. Take the credit of making good legislation better. Not bag everything.

The opposition needs to be able to put forward new policy which will be there next election platform.

Tony Abbott is the opposition, he is fit, but he is very predictable in his response to everything the government puts out.
For the short term it will encourage tradition liberal/national voter's but that will be all. But he needs more than that to win.