Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Australian politics::

Havn't put any political musing for a while so here it is.

Kevin Rudd:: He looks like he is in a spot of bother. Not only is his usual opposition upset but so are his supporters. It does look like he weaseled out of the Emisions Trading Scheme. Doing so he has lost credability.

Tony Abbott:: Poo Poo man. Poo poo this, poo poo that. That's all I can hear. I never anything positive. Its all a government conspiracy. The reason why: We are the opposition.

Malcolm Turnball:: I'm glad he is back. It seems that there is a moderate now back in the liberal party. (Jo Hockey, seems quieter now, it must be fatherhood) If or I should say  when he gets back on the front bench the Liberals will look a bit more balanced. I dare say the media will go to him for some constructive conversation. (I bet they already know what Mr Poo Poo Abbott would say).

Overall the next couple of months should be rather colourful as the election looms.