Friday, May 21, 2010

Progressive Christianity

Its strange but I've always had this feeling that I don't fit with Christians and the organised Church. There have been times I've felt at home but this is pretty rare.

One of the things I wanted to do this year was explore "Liberal Theology". The Evangelical/Pentecostal that where peers and mentors automatically bushed them off. It has been impossible to have an informed conversation.

I once had at Ranges a person try to tell me that Rob Bell was a heretic. When asked if that person had read any of his book they said no. I suspect this is the same as my peers and mentors in regards to "Liberal Theology". An opinion without been informed.

My first book and only book on the list was 'Honest to God', by Robinsion. I found it honest by writen at the peak of Christainity. I believe we are now in a 'Post Christian' society, where the church is not a dominant institution.

Then of all things I came across Marcus Borg, "The heart of Christianity" in the Cowes library. This book certainly clarified a lot of areas of liberal theology. A lot of the ideas are well thought through. One prophetic moment as I see it was in the Cowes medical clinic while reading "The Heart of Christianity". A lady from no where came up and said I was on the 'right track'. MMMmmm I think that God interacts with the work, not intervenes and this was one of those times....

The publishers of 'The Heart of Christianity' where a group belonging to 'Progressive Christianity'. I had never heard of it before. I've come to understand that 'Progressive Christianity' is different to 'Liberal Theology'. Liberal Theology had its roots in the enlightenment, where textual criticism was the result. Much of the supernatural and mystery dissappeared. "Progressive Christianity still has a high regard for textual criticism but there is room for 'mystery'. This is a very simplifed explanation and could be expanded upon for sure.

My friend over in the West Nathan Hobby drew to my attention that the ABC's 'Spirit of things' Two podcasts on 'Progressive Christianity'.
Part 1
Part 2

Both surprised me by the size of the movement in Australia. There is also an Victorian web page
Hope you enjoy....