Monday, April 12, 2010

Rowland Croucher's Review of Marcus Borg, The heart of Christianity

Rowland Croucher, from his site John Mark's ministry has put up a favorable review of Marcus Borgs book "The heart of Christianity". I really like where Rowland comes from so I thought I'd make a link.

You may not agree with everything here, but I would now put this book in the Top 10 thoughtful Christians, 'ex-Christians' and 'wannabe Christians' should read. Borg is irenic and respectful: a few times he says 'If your paradigm works for you, fine. You don't have to agree with what I say and buy into this Emerging Paradigm. But at least give it some thought.' He's also humble enough to say from time to time (e.g. about the after-life) 'I don't know'. Theologically he's to the left of Brian McLaren, and to the right of Spong. (See McLaren's A Generous Orthodoxy for an equally important book offering an intelligent purview of contemporary Christianity. [1] Borg says McLaren's thinking is a 'form' of the Emerging Paradigm).

On the side. I was reading this book in a waiting room in a medical clinic at Cowes. A lady came up to me and I think had read the front cover of the book 'The heart of Christianity'.
She said to me 'Your on the right train....'
Interesting considering I think I'd spotted her while checking out the local pentecostal Church, and I bet she would not cope with some of Borg's conclusions.
Maybe her comment was prophetic?