Monday, April 19, 2010

Integrity and paid ministry

Here it is. I don't think you can have personal integrity and be paid in ministry. Here is my top 10 list, let me know if you think of some more...

  • You are expected to belive in things that you don't, from a congregation to denomination level.
  • Not only do you not belive some things, ministers actually preach what they don't believe.
  • Friendship, inside of most ministers there is a "strategically" make friends with this person menality. The best reward, for the human investment.
  • You lead most people to believe you are there best friend, especially good tithers.
  • Your life can be a sham. Up the crap. Yet the Sunday response is I'm doing ok....
  • Most ministers don't realise how much they like giving the monologue, they are the Sunday pinnacle. Take it away and often self worth is gone as well.
  • The whole families involved. Children are often the ones who see the difference between a Sunday and the rest of the week.
  • Minsitry is run like a bussiness. (A can of worms here!)
  • Business have more checks and balances than ministers and money.
  • Its easier to stay a minister, than to look for another job.
I do admit that this looks pretty negative. Yet I do think there is hope and that is in the small house group/church. That is in the next post...(If I get around to it)