Wednesday, March 24, 2010

roast log, behmor 1600, 24th march 2010

Bean:: coffee snob, "Decaf Wow"
Weight: 437gm
Weight roasted:: 373gm
Ambient temp :: 17.1c
Weight Profile ::1 pound
Profile :: P2 "c"
Time :: 21.30s
First Crack:: 8.38s
Rolling Crack::7.48s
Second crack 5.10s
Cool down:: 2.06 Happening into the cool down.

Grading, sweet maria:: 11 cs
Notes: Little lighter in weight than I would have liked, but that was all the beans left. Great smell after finishing. No oils coming through on the beans, though close! Suspect the roast never got to the cooler part of the profile so probably roasted a bit quicker than I would have liked.