Tuesday, March 23, 2010

roast log, behmor 1600, 22nd march x2

Bean:: coffee snob, "Brazilian pulped natural"
Weight: 500gm
Weight roasted:: 416gm
Ambient temp :: 15.6c
Weight Profile ::1 pound
Profile :: P2 "c"
Time :: 21.30s
First Crack:: 4.20s
Rolling Crack::3.45s
Second crack 2.20s
Cool down:: 2.20 Happening into the cool down.

Grading, sweet maria:: 11 cs
Notes: This is was the grading that I wanted with the first batch. One of the things I do when judging a roast is also look for the first puff of smoke. It seems to me to indicate  getting closer or in second crack. Because of the colder temperature, a shimmering from heat can look a bit like smoke. So this time I went more on time as well as listening. It was again hard to distinguish between 1st and 2nd crack. Maybe because of the difference in the beans, coming off a lot of different plantations makes the beans crack indistinguishable. I don't know just a guess.