Thursday, February 11, 2010

Telstra discovering why they are stuffed

At last some acknowledgment from Telstra that their model is stuffed. From the ABC's web site::

The traditional fixed line telephone connection to almost every Australian home was once Telstra's bread and butter.
But for the past five years customers have been hanging up on Telstra, using their mobile phones instead, not just for voice calls but for text messages and emails....
"...The admission from David Thodey that connections have fallen almost 7 per cent in six months saw Telstra shares fall almost 4 per cent to $3.26 by 1:00pm (AEDT).
"Voice traffic is down across all categories. Now that's local, national long distance, international and fixed to mobile - all decreased. So that's straight calling volumes. So that's a real change in terms of behaviour going on in the market," he said.

We are one of the people who have deserted Telstra and are wealthier because of it. Our mobile set up is now $120 bucks on two mobiles and $30 on a wireless broadband.
We are still about $100-$150 dollars off a month!

I'm sure at some stage we will need a fixed line, but this will be more for broadband convenience.
I'm watching the the bundles::

Telstra for about $100
Still pay for mobiles
STD still cost $1 a call

Optus for about $100
only pay for non-Optus mobiles

Outcome:: Telstra still needs to get competitive...