Thursday, February 11, 2010

Advice to Telstra's Board

I've thought up 5 ways to turn Telstra's current dismal performance around after there reported decline profit::

Be competitive::

Start matching Optus on deals, especially the bundles. When you have a family with lots of connectivity issues these bundles start to make sense. I made a quick comparison in my last post

Offer these deals to those in the Country::

There is a huge resentment when people who only get Telstra in the counrty they have one option Telstra. They pick up the newspaper and see hugely better deals with Optus.

If Telstra is competitive now, when Optus does roll out to these area people won't have any reason to leave.

Start investing in the community::

The reason the Bendigo Bank has such high credibility and loyalty is because they invest in what is happening locally. I know heaps of local clubs that have benefited.

Make the people on the help desks speak and understand Australian english ::

This is where Telstra shines over Optus at the moment, and need to keep up the good work. I hate having to explain over and over the in the end get transferred to something I don't want. Happens to often...

Start working with the Government::

Pretty simple really. If Telstra acts as the big bully all the time, its no wonder they get the bad end of the whip when it comes to regulations. If they want things to go there way they need to treat there customers with a bit of respect. Then the government will start to do the same.