Monday, February 8, 2010

The Gospel according to the Beatles

The Gospel According to the Beatles 

Some biography can be a slow slog. This book was brilliant, I just devoured it. It was interesting how these guys came at just the right time and really influenced generation. Not only musically but also spiritually.

Summary of the four and my impressions::

Ringo:: Happy go lucky until he had to go to rehab for Alcohol. Used Alcohol anonymous and got back in contact with the 'Higher Power'.

George:: Took spirituality very seriously. Ended up with versions of Hinduism in his life. Of which he was commited.

Paul:: After he they took the journey to India he hasn't really sought out anything in a religious or spiritual sence.

John:: This guy was all over the place. Looked into about every sort of Spiritual movement. Never committed to anything. Interesting he made a Christian commitment at one stage briefly in the '70s. I could identify with his constant questioning, and to a degree his searching. A complex character, which is why to me he is so interesting.