Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roast log, Behmor 1600, 20th Jan 2010

Behmor Home Coffee Roaster + 8 pounds coffee + free shipping

Bean:: coffee snob, "Decaf Wow"
Weight: 250gm
Weight roasted:: 220gm
Ambient temp :: 10.6C
Profile :: P2 "b"
Time :: 1300
First Crack:: 5.20
Rolling Crack:: ??
Cool down:: 3.3s
Grading, sweet maria:: 12 full city+
Notes:: Added a few new variables this time. Increased the weight as well as extended the time using 'b'. Also discovered on the coffee snobs web site that using the + or - does not extend the time of the roast proportionally! It appears to be a mistake in the manual. The other thing was I tried to mimic "Crazy Roasters" bean log. It was pretty similar. My first crack was a bit sooner. Also importantly different beans. I've found like the smaller roast it very hard to distinguish 1st crack to 2nd crack. When the smoke just started I hit cool.

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