Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Liberal shenanagins

The liberal party today had their spill, and elected a new leader. Poor old Joe Hockey didn't even make it to final vote. Tony Abbott won, but not convincingly.

A few thought...

::The liberal party needs to be seen to be closer to the center. Abbott is not the man for this.
::Joe Hockeys or Malcolm Turnbull's time will come. There will be a spill when Abbott looses the next election. Or sooner if Abbott doesn't look a bit more moderate.
::The vote was less than convincing 42-41, a shaky start for Abbott.
::Turnbull didn't go down in the ball of fire as predicted. Sure he lost but he will be a thorn in Tony Abbott's side, with that sort of margin.
::Turnbull has learn't a lot from this. He will be wiser if he gets a second spin.


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that they'll remain a single party if this continues. As climate change is likely to dominate politics for the next 10-50 years wouldn't it make more sense to split along that division? (especially as that division also splits along moderate and extreme values pretty well)

Scott said...

Yes I think think 'Black saturday' is just the beginning of the effects of noticeable climate change. Its not a viable political position. It makes me wonder how 'liberal' the liberal party is....