Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Restlessness in the Coaltion ranks

Malcolm has called a leadership spill. No tweets from Malcolm or Joe on the matter.

The Challenger is Kevin Andrews. Known for the Haniffe scandel as well as the well written anti Euthanasia legislation (I've actually heard him speak on this).

Its interesting that I think reason that Malcolm was voted in as leader was that there was a realization in the Liberal party that new ideas where needed, that the party needed to be seen as at the center right. (I think Howard was initially perceived by the public to be in this position. But ongoing legislation and time proved this wrong).

The problem for the liberal party and Malcolm is that members keep looking over there shoulder. To how things were, the glory days of Howard. It is this type of thinking that will cause the liberals to stay in opposition. As Joe Hockey said and I paraphrase 'The liberal party dosn't do opposition well but in government we do very well' .
Overall I think that Malcolm was doing a pretty good job, with a tired bunch of old horses. How old is Wilson Tuckey?

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