Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frank Viola, Re-imagining church, Chapter 9, Reimaging oversight

There was some interesting observations in this chapter....

Elders whose function was overseeing and shepherding the members of the church.

Very interesting was the claim that

"...The Bible unshakably demonstrates that a plurality of elders oversaw the activity of the early church. No church in the first century had a single leader
Consequently, the common accepted notion of sola pastora (single pastor) is at odds with the New Testament. The bible knows nothing of a person who stands at the helm of a local church, directs it in the world, officiates its Communion (or Lord's Supper), blesses civic event, marries the living, and buries the dead. No such person exists in the entire New Testament."

This paragraph certainly rocks who is seen as traditional 'Church' in regards to structure. I cannot help but think though it is a natural tendency for people to look for an individual for leadership. But maybe as suggested by Viola it should be a plurality of 'Eldership'
Interestingly Ranges is currently working in the manner at the moment, and as far as I'm aware not really interested in changing.

Also of interest, Viola claimed the only time when there was a single leader as such, was when it was getting started, the 'apostolic worker' such as Paul.

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