Friday, November 20, 2009

Is there another way...

I've been pretty much part of the Vineyard movement in Victoria since its inception over ten years ago. I have been part of two church plants and one established church. One of the Church plants was one which Christina and myself planted. So I think I could say that I've seen a bit.

Out of these eight churches that are running only two churches have the resources to employ staff at full time or more.
The rest of the churches only employ pastors part time.
That Vineyad in Victoria have planted three Churches which have failed.
Starting, maintaining and growing a church on limited resources is incredibly stressful, not only on pastors but their families and other leaders.
I suspect other states would mirror the Victorian experience.

My question is. Is there another way?

I would say that there is. But mindset of what Church looks like needs to change. Or in other words there needs to be creativity and innovation to the approaches to creating Christian communities of faith.
Does it need to have a 'worship leader', meet every Sunday at 10am, have home groups, self help groups, constant conversions, help out at the local school...? All these things are good but if you want to start with a bang like this, you need a team of 50 and a budget of well over $100,000 for the first three years.
Mindset is the first thing that needs to change.

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steven hamilton said...

yes! go scott creative, us break out of our blind-spots and tradition-traps...