Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have noticed that facebook is used by people for different motives. Some of which I'm happy to go along with. Others use it, trying to push an opinion down my throat without me knowing this is part of the deal. It would appear their motive is about accumulating friends so, that they bait them, throwing out a quote or snippet, usually alligned to an opinion they hold. Then watch as comments appear. It seems to me an unfair way of engagment. For me a fairer way is just to blog. The reader is looking for the material. Instead of it been pushed upon the 'wall'.
Others like politians, or people selling books etc etc will happily become your friend without even knowing you.
So I've decided to do some culling. My criteria now is
::I actually want to know people who want to be my friend (this has been my policy from the start).
::I will have actually had a decent conversation and would genuinely want to know what they are up to. The good thing about facebook this may mean some of my oldest friends.
::I'm also aware that I've got a few non-Christian friends, who wouldn't give a stuff about theology; so I'm mix it up a bit with other things people might be interested in about me.

I am genuinely interested in opinion, of friends. But not so of aquatinces. I do share my opinion with friends. But  I accumulated 'Friends' so as to get a wider audience, for my opinion, thats for the blog....


Ruth said...

One great thing you can do now is select 'hide' on contacts or options you're sick of seeing all the time ;) My wall/notifications page is much less crowded now and I generally only see the updates about people I want to know about!

Scott said...

Thanks for that tip Ruth, something I had a look at doing but, didn't have the patients to figure it out.
Anyway the people that I've culled I didn't really know!

Nathan Hobby said...

Nice post - there is a lot of pushing that goes on.

Also, it would seem you're blogging in the future - ie this post was written next Saturday! Great party trick. ;)

Scott said...

Not sure what happened, it was scheduled to be published, yet it still published. Must be some strange thing in Blogger that I haven't nutted out yet.