Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post coal/oil

It would seem apparent to me that coal is a bad investment from a purely economical view. It would appear we are entering a new era where renewables are cheaper to produce energy than coal and oil. Just today in The age reported the knock on effects of lower oil prices. Many large companies are in real trouble. 

I've read of how many European countries are successfully transforming their economies from a coal/oil based economy to a sustainable ones. Many are now generating one quarter of their energy from renewable energy. That is a lot of money taken away from the oil/coal industries. I would seem we are entering a post oil/coal phase.

Australia once been leaders in renewables are now getting left behind. Investments in the sector of dropped dramatically since the Abbot government.

I find it interesting that for me there are good arguments for a shift to renewables without climate change been part of the equation. Renewables are cheaper and are continuing to get cheaper. Thats a great argument. It also affirms to me that political parties and their policies are strongly influenced by who supports them. Not logic. I suspect The coal/oil industries have known for a long time they are in trouble thus the opposition to renewables through political means. 

For me there is a ethical argument as well. I would like to think that when I've pass away, I've tread lightly. That my impact on the earth has been positive I've given back more than I've taken. Its a bit like if you go on a holiday and rent a house, I've alway been taught you leave it in the same condition as you found it, if not better. From a spiritual perspective, if God made it, and it was good. Then I want to say I've looked after what the creator has made.

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