Friday, July 4, 2014

Spark, John J Ratey

Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercies and the brain

Front Cover


This is a book hat just confirmed what I had suspected. The link between exercise and feeling well physically and mentally: it was just logical. Exercise while been good for your body is also good for your brain.

Ratey seems to do his homework, lots of studies to support his main ideas in the book. For one example one of the main ideas on depression was regarding the effectivness of zolof vs exercies for depression, the results were that there was no differnce, in treatment.

Ratey pretty much went through the most prevelant mental health disorders and quoted any studies which also had exercise in it. Most were very favouralbe towards exercies as a positive for any mental health issues as well good for just general health.

Overal its the type of book you want to quote. For me as a nurse and see every second person on anti-depressents quoteing this book is gold.


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