Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Rudd Rebellion, The campaign to save Labor, Bruce Hawker


This is the second campaign political book I've read; they can be insightful. A few thoughts::

I don't think much will come from the Rudd/Gillard period, time will tell. Though a reform of Rudd's, which I'm certain will start to take off is the dilution of Union power and branch members having a direct roll in electing their leader, Hawker described it as becoming similar to the US presidential elections.

The loss of the election can be traced back to the knifing of Rudd. The disunity never really settled after this.

Union power within the labor party stinks. I couldn't get over that Paul Howel, Union boss was still ringing up Rudds team with who he thought should get preselection. I'm positive that coming up through the union ranks is not a great endorsement for representing your electorate.

I think Labor had better policies than the Coalition, did they have the unity and talent to implement them. No. This I believe is how Austalians voted how they did. I'm not sure any of Abbott's policies got him into power, rather bad labor government.

Murdoch's publication hampered the campaign. I didn't need to read the book to see this. In the end people will find other sources of news which reports on policy not just opinion. People will find alternative sources of news which is now easier than ever to do. I think Newscorp will be more neutral next election for the sake of there readership.

I enjoyed the insights and frenetic pace of the campaign 4/5


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