Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The rage against God, Peter Hitchens


The rage against God, Peter Hitchens.

I've always enjoyed watching Christopher Hitchens brother of Peter, even though I rarely agreed with what he said. I liked his quick mind, how he found words which I would have to look up in a dictionary. I was interested how one brother was a world famous atheist while the other was a well known Christian. Both had often debated each other on the topic on open forums.

I suppose I was expecting a testimony from Peter (this expectation came from reading the inside cover); after reading the book it was only partly so. The book contained the the typical elements of a testimony, the rebellious teenage/young adult years, the questioning and then the coming back into the fold. All done in a understated kind of British way. I enjoyed how art and music had played much in the story of Peters coming back. Yet I was unsure what Peter had come back to. He was happy to mention God or Christianly yet the mention of Jesus was strangely absent, and he seemed to prefer liturgy of a ancient liturgical style.

The book continued to head off course for me with his lament of Britain today. It's secularism and absence of Christianity in the institution and every day life. I thought this was a fair observation, but frustrated by any pointers as what to do about this type of secularism.

I nearly chucked it in when it seems like Peter wanted to continue an argument with his brother about Soviet Russian. Was it actually a religious state? I'm not sure and I don't care...



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