Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A more perfect heaven, Dava Sobel

I've finished the biography of Copernicus the Polish astronomer who discovered that the earth rotated around the Sun. Which was very controversial as the main stream of thought was that everything rotated around the Earth!

Overall I thought that the book was pretty dry. I also thought it was a bit odd the play that was added half way through the book. In some ways I think you need to have the book either a textbook/biography or a historical novel much like Hillary Mantels books.

I did like the historical debate. One of which was Copernicus' calculation of the huge miles between plants and stars. Today we would call them light years. The argument against these huge numbers was that God would not waste such space to nothingness. While Copernicus rebuff was that it revealed the grandness of Gods creation. I liked that.

Rating 2/5


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