Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Mistress Daughter, A M Holmes

This is a book that it seems that the author had to write. A book of finding roots, of finding ones self. Navigating between genetic mothers and fathers, and adopted mothers and fathers and there history.

I couldn't help compare the book to 'eat love pray', both authors female, resided in New Your, already established writers, self absorb bordering at times narcissistic. 'Eat love pray' at least with the searching things resolved, but I found Homes searching, aching unrelenting. 'Eat love Pray' there were friends with names, characters who developed who supported. Homes had friends with no names, her family except a grandmother seemed so suck her dry.


It was a book I thought may have been interesting, the biography of a woman who was adopted, her mother the mistress of an elder man. In the end I could only rate it 1/5


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