Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 a few goals....

There are a few things which I'm going to change this year..

*Green Stuff

  • One month of not buying anything new. Yep op-shops here we come.
  • Eat 1-2 things out of the garden for one of the meals of the day.
The garden has been a bit of a hit and miss so far. At times we produce huge amount of one type of produce and we end up not eating any of it. One of the problems is we often eat what we feel like. Not what is in season. Hopefully trying to eat something out the backyard will make a difference.

  • 2-3 new Pekin's/Silkies Chooks
We have had our three little chooks for a while now, they have been faithfully doing pecking buts, giving us fertiliser and eggs, but at times we are caught out with eggs so a couple more will be great.

  • Start making soap
Christina likes her nice organic, etc, etc soap. The health food shop is her usual port of call but its $$$. I've been reading the 'Greening of Gavin', and doesn't look out of our ability.

Quit facebook and twitter.

This is a tough one. But there are a few things that really bug me about both.

  • The advertising is really starting to ramp up.
  • I'm not sure the bites of information are really that healthy. For me it's distracting. It takes me away from the now. It affect how I interact with others, and how focused I am at a task. I suppose, I want to be fully in the moment, not have an urge to check my phone for a feed.
So I've decided to keep the accounts, Facebook as an address book and to communicate with people who aren't around its good. Twitter at times is handy especially in times like fires or local emergency services. So, they are on my desktop but the apps and bookmarks are deleted on my iPad and mobile.

I'm still going to keep the RSS feed of blogs, stuff that interests me, theology, bikes, gardening. Actual articles instead of bites.

read 52 book

I think with the above gone, my old devouring of books will return. 2012 I was probably half that.

Watch 52 movies

Keep blogging...
I still enjoy putting some of my thoughts out there engaging with books.

...write a Spiritual diary

This is a bit of a maybe. I've been listening to 'The spirit of things on the ABC'. There have been a few 'Spiritual diaries' I like the often rawness, the prayers, the growth...


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Anonymous said...

Love this Scott. I will be so interested to hear what you read and watch. c