Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is Abbott a sexist misogynist?

There has been a lot written about Abbott after Gillard's blistering attack on Abbott. Is the leader of the opposition a sexist misogynist?

I wouldn't think so, not on his own. But in a pack of blokes he'd probably be up there leading the cause. I've seen it time and time again. Not with Abbott but hanging with a group of blokes, it occours with bullying, sexism and every kind of behaviour that pushes the boundries.

One of the worst was with a group of Christian leader who late into a party started making references to people orientated to the same sex. It deeply disturbed me. I'm happy if people dissagree with me, but when the conversation starts denagrading people as humans. I suppose why  I was disapointed was a lot to do with myself, not pulling people up: reminding them that they are created in Gods image and worthy of respect and love.

In my youth I gladly went along with being a bully: now my biggest crime is not speaking up.

Abbott, I get the impression that he is not willing to lead; to speak up when he hears something is wrong. Rather he just chuckles and goes along with the blokes.

I supose that is why I'm constantly impressed with Malcolm Turnbull. He was one of the first to speak up against Alan Jones with his 'Died in shame' comment.

Abbot needs to speak up when he hears something which is wrong. Even if it means bruising those on his side...


ellie said...

misogynist is a strong term... I'm not sure Abbott 'hates' women but I don;t think he sees them as equals.

He ghas frequently put his foot in his mouth on issues such as womens health, abortion, role of women in workplace and home etc. that show him up as living in a past era of highly conservative values such as the 1950's before such liberating technologies as tampons and contraceptive pill.

I don;t trust him.. whenever he goofs or gaffes it seems he is showing his true colours. He scares me

scott aitken said...

Thanks for the comment Ellie, I think your right. But do you think people can change?
I think for me his issue is basically he is a conservative. He's not centre right, he's way right. Thus his outdated views, which think maybe misplaced as misogynst. Also as I wrote previously, I think when in a group of blokes he can go overboard.