Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All Rivers Run to the Sea, Elie Wiesel


This book is volume one of Elie Wiesel's memoirs. Certainly it feels an incomplete book. I would describe it as a rope which frays and you are left with lots of strands.

Certainly the beginning of the book feels solid his childhood, war years and then internment in German labour camps, It felt that like the expanded version of his book 'Night'; it filled in much of the gaps of that brief book.

Unfortunately when Weisel became a journalist characters, influences, generals, politicians all became blurred to me. It was appeard just a name dropping exercise. The majority of name of which I had no idea of who they were! But then again I'm in Australia, miles away from the epicenter of Israel.

The beginning of the book I enjoyed his struggles with faith and the world around him. A constant theme early in the books where you are brought into the struggles of a teenager and a bachalour. His opportunities of love which he stopped because of his deep religiousness. I was dissapointent at only the small references to his wife. (Maybe more of this is mentioned in the 2nd book) It was as if many of those tensions were unresolved.



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