Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guns swimming and church

Guns have been a bit of a discussion in swimming and olympic circles the last couple of days as D'arcy and Monk were snapped in some 'Chopper' like poses.

Australians should remember that America has a strong gun culture.

It reminds me of a few stories in America when I went over there doing missionary training. The first was after church a few of the guys went back to someones farm to 'Shoot of a few rounds' on a shooting range. What really shocked me was one guy pulled out an Ooze sub-machine gun. That thing made some noice!

The other was lunch with a pastor in Boise who proudly served up venison which he 'Shot'. He had a cold room under his house which he told me which supplied his whole family a year of meat. He would go out and hunt once or twice a year.


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