Monday, May 14, 2012

Telstra, competitive?

Two years ago when I went for my first Android phone, Telstra were very competitive. Price they were spot on, network was excellent. They also wanted my money. There were phone calls prior to my phone expiring offering me deals. They were wanting my money.

Two years on Telstra gone off the boil. I'm looking now at a iphone 4s. A price at under $60 per month. My last contract was a Next G $49 which included the phone. The Next G plans with calls and data I hardly use. So I'm not looking at an increase in data and calls. (My greatest usage is with apps and the calander) Yet telstras new plans are larger in data and calls, and don't include a phone. So Telstra dosn't tickle me at all. There other main competors Vodaphone, Optus and Virgin mobile all have plans which are smaller what I would want, including the phoneunder the magic $60. Telstra is $69 Mmmm.

So telstra has a

::plan which dosn't suit.

::An exellent coverage (This is the only thing which makes me hesitant going to another comany).

::None of the consultants sound like they want to make a deal.

::Cost $10-$15 more than I want to pay.

Telstra what has happened? You were so accommodating 2 years ago. I've paid my bills. Looks like I will be leaving you...


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