Friday, May 18, 2012

The dream is over

John Lennon in his first album after 'The Beatles' wrote the line in his song 'God'; "The dream is over".

In the book "Lennon remembers" by Jann Wenner, "The dream is over" represents Lennon's stance that the myth "the Beatles were God" had come to an end. "If there is a God," Lennon explained, "we're all it." According to the wikkipedia.

I like the line. I have a bit of a differnt interpretation; maybe he was trying to make a point to Paul McCartney.

"We had a dream when we were young men, we actually lived it; and guess what? We're no better off than when we began. "The dream is over". There is no going back Paul.

I suppose that might have been a difference between John and Paul. Paul kept of pushing out pop fodder; there was never to much thought behind what he wrote in his lyrics. The dream was still on for him.

I like the line because it scales our significance. Even John Lennon, one of the most influential people of a generation knew this. Even with his, not my interpretation. Great people and insignificant come to a realisation often 'the dream is over'.

Most people come to a point where 'The dream is over'; I came to that place 2-3 years ago; a pastor; I could have kept going, networking, doing the latest and greatest; but in my heart I knew. Others come to the point through a divorce, a deep friendship that goes cold; even ugly; lots of reasons....



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