Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flinders Ranges trip

Here are a few photos of the Flinders Ranges trip is South Australia

This caught my eye, having breakfast stopping in Bendigo on the way through. A pumpkin growing in the middle of Bendigo note fountain in the background.

first night stop Kayoora national park, about 50km away from Ingelwood. Lots of big rocks for the girls to explore.

Toilet stop, one of many.

Second night Naracourte Caves national park.

The girls checking out the mega fauna at Naracourte caves. It was here I started noting the 4wd crowd.

Stopped off at the Barossa Valley for a few nights. The food at Maggie Beers Farm was enjoyed by all.

My cousins recommend us to stop here on the way to the Flinders, "best pies in the universe", would probably come close. Though be warned, the coffee is like dishwasher.

To be continued....



urbanmonk said...

Geurilla gardening in Bendigo?

Scott said...

I loved that rebellious pumpkin.