Friday, April 27, 2012

Flinders Ranges trip part 2

Our first couple of nights we stayed at Rawnsly station, a giant sheep station/caravan park. It was a dry windy cloudless stay. I think out of the 30-40 vechiles in the part, I could only count 2-3 2wd cars. Our site at dusk was beautiful though. The sun went down over Rawnly Bluff, and about 1/2 on hour latter the moon appeared. The colors were beautiful.

Rawnly station had a number of good walks. This one we took the kids along, a very dry creek bed. Which you could tell at times ran furiouly.

We moved from Ranwley to Wilpena pound. It had a bit of a Wilsons Prom feel to how things ran. Not as many 4wd's! Food was also a bit cheaper. This photo was taken above the look out of the historic homestead.

On the way home we stayed at Morgan, placed on the bend of the Murry where it heads south. For a small town, it was the most expensive caravan park of the trip. $37 bucks. But we were on the river and it was beautiful.

This waas a typical night time scene for us, the shelite lantern going.

We also stayed on the way back at Mildura. I had a craving for salmon, but couldn't find any! Mildura was hot even for April. It was also in Mildura, the first place on our travels where we found some decent coffee. Sumos, which also makes great salads. I hope that Sumos also come to Cowes one day!




urbanmonk said...

Did you climb St Mary's peak?

Scott said...

Would have like to, but with a prepy and a toddler...I just think, next time.