Monday, March 19, 2012

Preliminary Trip == Shoreham Foreshore


This weekend we took off for a preliminary trip to the the Shoreham Foreshore Park, on Westernport. We did the trip to just to iron out any bugs we might have prior to our big trip to the Flinders Ranges in April.

All up the park was pretty basic. The amenities looked like they could do with a good refresh. No powered sites. Yet there was a charm. It was reminiscent for me of Wilsons Prom. Heaps of bird life, Koalas above us in the trees. The sites were not on top of each other as you would get in a normal caravan park. Yep I'd go back. It seems as if the park itself is still a bit of a secret!

Rate it: 7/10


The Volkswagen Bluemotion so far has performed pretty well, its fuel usage even pulling the podtrailer is still 5.6 literes/100km, very good really. I expect on even longer distances to be better. I actually think the computer in the Golf actually over estimates the fuel usage so I'm going to calcuate this manually on the big trip.

The other thing I was worried about was the towing and braking. I had a horrid experience with my Ford Falcon towing a small pop-up caravan which had no brakes. The podtrailer with electric brakes is really good. I don't really feel anything behind me even with sharpish braking.





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