Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watch out for those old Libs

 The reason's for the irratic planning decisions by state planning minister Mr Guy is starting to unravel. The Age has discovered a couple of phone calls by former state liberal member Mr Maclellan to presumably pressure him into allowing the change in zoning and allow building. He did so on behalf of 'family friends'....

Mr Maclellan's approaches to Mr Guy's office on behalf of developer and Liberal Party member Jim Hopkins - a family friend of Mr Maclellan's - raise fresh questions for Mr Guy about possible political influence on his decision-making

The article also for the first time reveals the position on the issue of current state members for Bass Mr Ken Smith. He was supportive of the development! I find this strange for a number of reasons

  1. There is ample amount of land already for sale on Phillip Island
  2.  The cost of land has not really gone up for the last 2-3 years.
  3. The majority of residents on the island were against developing that corridor
  4. The decision overturned Bass councils development planning, which seems reasonable. 

The only person who made sence in the liberal party was Mr Greg Hunt member for Flinders who actually advoctated on behalf of his constituntes to stop the development.

Even though Mr Hunt is across Western Port Bay, he makes good decisions. It makes me wonder; maybe the other liberals Mr Smith and Mr Maclellan are a little to close.

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