Monday, February 27, 2012

Choosing our theology

Interesting post from "The Naked Pastor", "Drawing lightning tree and bad theology", it got me thinking with this line.

But I’m just starting to see that we actually choose our theology. Our theology rarely chooses us. I am convinced that we always choose ideas that support what we already believe. We find proofs to buttress our worldview.

So for myself do I believe this? MMmmm.

Initially theology chose me. It was part of the Church I went to, the social group that I belonged to. It also gave me something to hang on to during that turbulent period between teenage years and adulthood. I had no reason to question it.

Then most probably because, I became a lot more self assured and had a great deal more knowledge about theology. It became ok to question my theology, to see there was more than one option. I then had choice.

For me been opened up to more than one way of looking at the Bible saved me, this knowledge helped me to keep hanging in there with Christianity. The Naked pastor is right that 'we need to find proofs to buttress our worldview'. Theology is ultimately making sense of the world and how God fits with this.

While I think where people do not have the choice of theology, they fall away. Some slowly others rapidly. A room with four walls, no doors or windows, no way out.


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