Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Targeting Bin Laden

I watched targeting Bin Laden last night on the ABC. It was a fascinating program. The technology used, the training of the seals, the probability of the mission succeeding.
What was amazing, was how from what I could understand, no part of the plan was to take Bin Laden alive.
I can understand how Bin Laden alive would probably cause a lot of headaches; diplomatically, domestically, religiously. Yet for me I think the idea of justice and a fair hearing is part of a civilised world.
Yes the USA dazzled the world. But it has dropped its standards compared to its leadership in the Nuremburg trails; In which thugs who kill many more than Bin Laden were given a trail.


urbanmonk said...

forgive my cynicism but I refused to watch that program on the the grounds of it in all probability being big america propaganda. To me such a program, any program that has the blessing of the western military machine smacks of spin...call me a parnoid leftist:) Everyone else does:)

Scott said...

Good point, the documentary would have brought all your fears to realisation...