Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sucker Punch

We went to Solace a Church in Melbourne on the weekend. The theme was based on the story of children coming to Jesus and the rich young man speaking to Jesus asking if he will get to heaven. (Mark 10: 13-23)

What I particularly dwelt on was how Jesus gave a question which jolted the rich man. One person in our group described it as a socket punch. For me I couldn't help thinking that this would be described in the Vineyard denomination which I came from as a 'word of knowledge'.  "Sucker punch" or "Word of knowledge" either way there is a mystical insight which pertinent and revealing for the person who receives the 'Word'.

One thing I believe is that the 'Sucker Punch' or 'Word of knowledge' is the work of God revealing his matrix in the world. I don't think a Christian is necessarily the person who delivers or receives a "Word" of knowledge. As opposed to  many  who think it is a pastor who roams the stage up and down the stage; who has an exclusive power of hearing and disseminating the wisdom of God.

What is more common with Christians in a Church  is that people are more open and receptive of the supernatural.

 I actually think that non-Christians have the same ability to have the 'sucker punch' or 'Word of knowledge. They miss giving God the space in the moment. For the most part Christians to arn't very open to God or receptive in the everyday, either. Its just they know they have to sit still for when they fellowship...

For myself it is having  the space to listen. The deliberately slowing down and if you like, letting God in. When you do this it is unusual not to hear from God.

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