Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Hacking?

I don't buy the Melbourne Herald Sun, I haven't for a a few years. The reasons are are a few reasons
  • I like good journalism which is more about what happens rather than opinion.
  • I want to support media diversify; independent of the Murdoch's.
  • I'm not really interested in first page headlines of 'cute cats up trees'
I have of late with the 'News of the World' hacking drama, looked at the free Herald Sun in McDonald's and the Library. What has surprised me is compared to the Fairfax papers which has the subject front page or close to the front. The Herald Sun has put it way back and today's reporting was more about Murdoch's wife Wendy Deng and her hit! (Bizarre: there are people out there reporting this could bring down the British government!) I was surprised that The Herald Sun's editorial was related to the 'hacking' but more of a defense from Julia Gillard who had her concerns with impropriety of the Murdoch empire in Australia.  You would think that the paper would be out there scrutinizing it operation and convincing its readers that they are squeaky clean...Mind you would bite the hand that feeds them?
I find it hard to believe that The Herald Sun can be impartial and have good journalism when its owners are the Murdoch's. Unfortunately this is is just reinforced when I read the paper.
It just convinced me more that we need more media diversification, instead of been owned by one or two.

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