Thursday, July 7, 2011


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I'm currently watching the BBC version of Narnia with Jemima my daughter; It is compared to the recent movie it appears to be much more loyal to the book by C.S Lewis than the recent movie.

In once scene early on in the BBC Peter and Susan go to the professor who they are living with, asking advice regarding Lucy who is adamant that she has been to another world 'Narnia'. The professor gives three logical bits of advice either that Lucy is a lier, she made the whole story up (Which is unlike her character), Lucy is telling the truth or is mad.

This is basically Lewis's Trilemma, Jesus was either a Lier, the Lord or a Lunatic.

Interestingly the Professor goes on further than Lewis Trilemma when addressing the subject of Lucy by saying 'Until further evidence comes along'.

Maybe that evidence is starting to take shape; N'T Wright address the issue of the Trilemma
...argument lacks historical context, oversimplifying first century Judaism's understanding of the nature of God's dealings with his people.[23] Wright points out that arguments over the claims of Jesus regarding divinity have been passed over by more recent scholarship, which sees a more complex understanding of the idea of God in first century Judaism.

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