Tuesday, May 10, 2011


 Food, Inc.

After watching "Food inc" and also reading Tim Flannery's book  'Here on earth' to a lesser extent, sourcing the type of food and how it has been produced has become important to me. 

Some options in Cowes which we are utilizing are ::

  • Phillip Island food fanatics, Organic Veges which come in a box every Monday. Organized by a collective of like minded people. So far you get some interesting things. Never had persinnon... 
  • Phillip Island primary produce, chemical free pasture feed beef and sheep. Just needs to be poultry to be perfect.
The Vegetables are probably about the same cost but its pot luck a lot of the food is seasonal. Hopefully in a year or so the garden will be able to supplement this. Meat is more expensive but we never really ate much anyway but its a nice treat.

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urbanmonk said...

saw this at the nova carlton. good film