Monday, May 9, 2011

Digger's, Earthquakes, tsnamis and nuclear explosions

Our family is part of the the Digger's club, in which you get a gardening magazine every couple of months. The heriloom himself 'Clive Blazey' writes an opinion piece each issue. I found it fasicinating  his last paragraph in 'Winter Garden 2011' 'Earthquakes, tsnamis and nuclear explosions'

In Havana, where Cubans make an abrupt move out of the fossil fuel economy [fall of the Soviet Union?], their footprint is 85% lower but their life expectancy is the same (77 years) as that of the US and their expenditure on health is a fraction of that of an American. The pollutants associated with burning coal are also a health hazard. Being independent of Middle Eastern oil and the wars it entails would ensure a healthier  lifestyle and a sustainable economy wouldn't it?
It is fascinating that it reveals that the capitalist economy doesn't mean better outcomes! In light of Clive Hamilton's books Growth fetish', it would be interesting out of which country also has the happier citizens? It would seem to me that we are been fed a lie with marketing, the true root of all evil.
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urbanmonk said...

citizens being fed bullshit? NO!