Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lifes Big Questions

Watching 'lifes big questions' on ABC's ivew. So far it has been excellent. Some general observations::

  • Scott Stephens is a awkward interviewer. He often asks the right questions, but there is a feeling of distance with those he is interviewing. 
  • Stephen's pushes and eventually gets underneath and finds out what a person thinks about the 'big questions'. The meaning of life, theodicy, joy, peace, happiness
  • Fascinating the range of responses so far from people

Some thoughts on the Lindy Chamberlain interviews. (Lindy was convicted of murder of her baby Azaria in Northern Territory and latter acquitted.)
  • I've never really thought much about the Lindy case. I can remember most people did have an opinion in the 80's. After the interview I'm pretty convinced she didn't commit any murder.
  • Lindy is full on with her religion. The most, so far in the series.
  • It was interesting that I would have thought that the death of her child, and the subsequent divorce from her husband; A minister in the seventh day Adventist church would have been the biggest aspects of her life. Only the death of Azaria was mention. Yet I would have thought her divorce would have had a large influence on how she views 'The big questions'
  • Lindy is the classical example of a religous person who has difficulties in life 'digging deeper' into what she knows. Instead of looking forward or outward.
  • I was amazed at her knowledge of differences between other protestant churches and the seventh day Adventists. She has some serious doctrinal statements stored in her head.
  • I'm sort of happy that she has found some happiness, comfort in what she knows. I wish it were that simple.


urbanmonk said...

Saw it and thought they were kind of talking over one another a bit which was annoying. I switched off when she started talking about her prayers for her enemies. Was too rote learning cause and effect forgiveness for my liking:)

Scott said...

good point. Yep she is still a believer in karma dressed up in Christianity. Scott Stephens I think is just inexperienced with the interviews. I know the bit you mean. He should have just let her answer the questions and then asked another question that pointed her in the right direction.