Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Jesus question

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As I've written about in previous post, the Jesus question is of ultimate importance. Laurence Freeman in his book 'Jesus, the teacher within' writes about the importance of Jesus.

The question of who we say Jesus is has been the pole star of this book. Essential to our response to it is how well we know ourselves. There are of course many question that Jesus raises for humanity. Questions concerning God, truth, life's meaning, peace, justice, compassion, forgiveness, religion, community, love. To those who want to listen, however, they are all constellated by his redemptive question as to what leads us on the way of self-knowledge. It is self-knowledge that underpins the whole quest of this question.
Its interesting that Freeman has placed the 'we' in italics. It is our world view that as a Christian which is shaped by how we view Jesus. When Jesus asks the question 'Who do yo think I am' he is also asking us. Not just his disciples. It is the the ultimate quest, one which will never end. It is no wonder that Albert Schweitzer called his book the "The Quest for the historical Jesus". That yes I am still plugging my way through it.
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