Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goodbye Boarders... Amazon....

Its no surprise to me that the book seller Boarders is closing. I used to like Boarders, we would go there every second week a check out the shelves.
It was an experience. About every second week we would head to Knox specifically for Boarders. There was a great computer and theology section which I would peruse at leasure, then we would head over to their food section sit on a couch and have a coffee.
Then one day the cafe disappeared and was filled with what I would term trinkets!
We never went back.

Amazon has lost its way. Offering free postage in the US, but anywhere else you pay and usually its more for the postage then the book. Often after you have brought it they then tell you it will be..... My last book it took them a year to get it and I cancelled the order when they informed me they now had it.

Now I shop at the book depository UK. They have the quirky theology books I enjoy. As well as free postage!
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urbanmonk said...

I too was a bit of a borders fan. Will now have to move across the road to readings and up the road to brunswick bound.

Scott said...

Cowes has got a little book shop, which I suspect does most of its trade during summer. Definitely no Boarders or Readings. Definitely no theology books. Though surprisingly I've found a few gems in the library!

Christina said...

Readings has an online ebook affiliation too - great to be able to get independently published books online as an ebook. Love Readings.