Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frequency of National Disasters

It seems to me that the frequency of natural disasters is increasing. The last two years we have had bushfires in Victoria and flooding in both Victoria and Queensland. All of these have been reported as up there as the worst.
Today Queensland is facing what looks like the worst cyclone 'Yasi' in history.

I've no doubt that these events have always occurred in history. My concern is the frequency. That if frequency is any indication of climate change, it only going to get worse.

I put a tweet out to the opposition leader Tony Abbot and opposition environment minister if the frequency of natural disaster can be linked to climate change.

@ @ do you think the frequency of natural disasters occurring at the moment can be linked to climate change?

I wonder if I get an answer?
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urbanmonk said...

maybe its the end times

Scott said...

I wonder who the anti-christ is?